What is git?

Git is a software that tracks changes made to the files and folder of a project. It is mostly used to develop the source code of a software collaboratively between a number of developers.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a web application based on git that is used to host source code of…

Most the work in excel is done through the use of functions and almost all of the functions require either a cell address or a cell range as one or more of its inputs. The cell address and ranges can be confusing and cryptic. In excel, you can assign descriptive…

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This is a continuation of a post that I made a few months ago.

In this, I talk about some more PowerPoint tips and tricks for creating better slide designs and presentations.

Here are the tips at a glance.

According to the two factor theory, the primary determinants of job satisfaction are intrinsic aspects called motivators and the primary determinants of job dissatisfaction are extrinsic aspects called hygienes. …

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Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor for Windows. There is a high chance that you will have to work with this program at some point. So it is useful to learn some tips and tricks to improve productivity and make our lives a bit easier. …

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I am a Masters student in Business Administration and as such we are required to create and deliver quite a few presentations. Mentioned in the following paragraphs are some of the things I have learned and used in the course of creating and giving presentations.

  1. Use the slide master
  2. Dimming…

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